J.W. (Jeroen) van der Vliet

 J.W. (Jeroen) van der Vliet
J.W. (Jeroen) van der Vliet
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Jeroen van der Vliet

Jeroen grew up on his father’s boatbuilding facility – including a shipyard and a sales office with sales marina – in Muiden. As a youngster, he worked on yachts at the yard, and joined his father on many international sales trips which were focused on Dutch built yachts. After gaining experience as a crewmember on several yachts, Jeroen decided to study to become a maritime officer-engineer. He received his credentials for vessels up to 3000 GT and 3000 kW after a year of traineeship onboard a 76-metre sailing yacht and commercial vessels up to 220 metres which took him all over the globe. Having acquired this background, Jeroen entered the family business and became a broker after several years. He has already built up an impressive reference list of deals. EMCI Registered Yachtbroker.


Name Number Valid till
Persons | full certified Yachtbroker EMCI.YACHTBROKER.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.J.W. (JEROEN)-VAN DER VLIET.2011-03-01.2K8K9N N/A
Persons | full certified Master appraiser EMCI.MASTER APPRAISER.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.J.W. (JEROEN)-VAN DER VLIET.2011-03-01.1X8Z3H N/A

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