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 C.G. (Gelein) Melis
C.G. (Gelein) Melis

Gelein MelisChristopher is a Dutch company founded in 1997 by entrepreneur Gelein Melis as “Christopher Consulting.” Located first in The Hague, the company developed marketing and sales programs for shipyards, as well as trade and production companies in the maritime industry. Out of this experience, Melis attained Sworn Broker status in the Amsterdam court.

In 2002 Melis was further awarded EMCI certification, and founded Christopher Marine, his second discipline, specialising in purchase and sales of custom yachts, commercial ships, and marine equipment, and supervising new builds and appraisals.

By the end of 2005 Christopher moved to historic Zierikzee in Zeeland, close to Europe’s most important commercial harbours of Rotterdam and Antwerp. (Zeeland, filled with islands connected by bridges, dams, and massive waterworks, is known as the White Pearl of the Netherlands’ Southwest.)

In 2009, having accomplished many successful projects in marketing and sales, and guiding clients through the purchase or sale of luxury yachts, ships, and equipment, Melis embarked on his third discipline: Industrial Design. Christopher Industrial Design now performs complete concept design and engineering of products and new inventions for a variety of high-tech industries.


Christopher’s three subdivisions have created reliable solutions for clients in sales, marine services, and industrial design in a broad range of high-technology industries. The divisions offer the following expertise:

Christopher Consulting: Marketing and sales development for global companies in the automotive, maritime, export and manufacturing sectors;

Christopher Marine Contracting: International brokerage services to arrange the purchase or sale of commercial ships and related equipment;

Christopher Industrial Design: Concepts and complete designs for a wide range of high-end industrial and consumer markets.

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Christopher Marine Contracting Sint Jacobstraat, Zuidhoek, Zierikzee, Schouwen-Duiveland, Zeeland, Nederland, 4301 CG, Nederland


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EMCI maritime practitioner | full certified Maritime appraiser EMCI.MARITIME APPRAISER.EMCI MARITIME PRACTITIONER | FULL CERTIFIED.C.G. (GELEIN)-MELIS.2004-01-01.7F5G0M 2025-01-01
EMCI maritime practitioner | full certified Shipbroker EMCI.SHIPBROKER.EMCI MARITIME PRACTITIONER | FULL CERTIFIED.C.G. (GELEIN)-MELIS.2004-01-01.0V2R0Y 2025-01-01
EMCI maritime practitioner | full certified Yachtbroker EMCI.YACHTBROKER.EMCI MARITIME PRACTITIONER | FULL CERTIFIED.C.G. (GELEIN)-MELIS.2004-01-01.5S5T7J 2025-01-01

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