T.W.J. (Ton) de Glas

 T.W.J. (Ton) de Glas
T.W.J. (Ton) de Glas
Ton de Glas

Director at Ton de Glas Nautical Services

Total nautical services, from deliveries to instructions, maintenance on pleasure crafts. All that a boat needs: polishing, antifouling, repairing, electronics, etc. etc.
Further more: supervising in house renovations, including management of these projects.

Currently working with

Name Place Website
Ton de Glas Nautical Services 87, Noorddonk, Steenbergen, North Brabant, Netherlands, 4651ZD, Netherlands


Name Number Valid till
Persons | full certified Yachtsurveyor .YACHTSURVEYOR.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.T.W.J. (TON)-DE GLAS.2019-07-01.ZPAJQO N/A
Persons | full certified Yachtbroker .YACHTBROKER.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.T.W.J. (TON)-DE GLAS.2004-01-01.7Z9Y7H 2019-07-01
Persons | full certified Master appraiser .MASTER APPRAISER.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.T.W.J. (TON)-DE GLAS.2004-01-01.1U6B4G N/A

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