General exam information

Version: February 2018
At this page:
  • Examination costs and conditions
  • Sign-up for exams
  • General information about knowledge tests
  • General information about skills tests
  • Knowledge tests
  • LOGIN in your account and go to your dashboard.
  • In your dasboard, go to the exam section and sign-up.
  • No account? Click here to file your registration/certification applicationform.
  • Forgot your password? Push the ' forgot password' button on the top right of our website and follow the instructions.
  • Forgot your login name? Send us an email to ask for your log-In name.
  • Skills tests
  • Send us an email and inform us which skills test you want to take. We contact you to make the arrangements.
Online exam site
  • All knowledge tests are taken at your online account and exam application.
  • Log-In and access exclusively through your personal dashboard.
  • You gain access to the knowledge test at the yourself choosen date and time.
  • You need to pay the exam fee online. If you have a voucher, simply enter your voucher details.
  • During the exam you can scroll through the questions, this way you can preview your exam and all questions.
  • Exam indicators show the number of questions answered and not answered and how much time is left.
  • Save/store your answers by pressing the buttons previous, next or save. If you don't press one of these buttons, you loose your answer.
  • In the unfortunate case you internet connection is disrupted, you can simply re-login and finish the exam.
  • You can upload the exam when all questions are answered. When you have uploaded the exam, further access isn't possible.
  • Your examresult will be published in your dashboard.
  • If you need a retake, you sign-up in your dashboard. A retake-interval might apply. This interval regulates the minimum time between individual examsessions.
Availability and webcam identification procedure
  • You have to complete the knowledge test yourself without any help or representation.
  • Office operations must be able to contact you at your (cell)phone at the number as filed in your account.
  • Office operations can ask you to be available for a webcam identification procedure during the online exams.
Handling skills tests
The skills test is handled by Global Network Group or by agencies.
Global Network Group accredits agencies. An agency is person or company. An agency is accredited for a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 tasks. Agencies can be accredited for the following tasks (1) professional basic training, (2) continuing professional development (CPD), (3) organizing and conducting exams, (4) registration handling.
Assessors are present within Global Network Group or agencies. The assessors are responsible for the auditing of skills tests. An assessor is a person who:
  • Has experience in respect to performing audits and/or the assessment of professionals, organizations or/or processes.
  • Minimum of 5 years scope related experience
  • Is registered and certified as FULL CERTIFIED or any other certification and registration program that is approved by Global Network Group
  • Capable of assessing candidates of their worthyness in a professional, independent, and knowledgeble way.
When it comes to processes with regards to assessors:
  • Every skills test must be assessed by at least 2 assessors.
  • At least 1 assessor is not connected to the training institution at which the candidate performed his vocational training.
  • A maximum of 1 assessor maybe connected in some way to the training institution at which the candidate performed his vocational training.
  • Candidate lead trainer(s), assistant trainer(s) and guests trainer(s) are not permitted to be his / her assessors.
  • The assessor may in no way, shape or form have any benefit to the outcome of a candidates results.
  • He / she must write an account of the audit and sign said account.
The mentor-assessor is a specific type of assessor that is charged with the guiding and executing of mentor assessments. The qualifications criteria for assessors apply to mentor-assessors.
Required level
Every skills test is linked to a minimum required skills level.
Deciding result | appeal
  • The assessors make the final decisions with regards to the result of the candidate.
  • The management of Global Network Group makes the decision official.
  • The decision will be emailed to the candidate. There will be no certificate or diploma awarded.
  • The decision will be added into the registration and certification file of the candidate.
  • The decision is either passed or failed.
  • The decision is taken in confidentiality and will not be made public.
  • Objection can be made by the candidate against the decision. The objection (appeal) must be filed within 1 month of the final decision. The objection will be marked as received once Global Network Group has received it by post or in another format once this is done Global Network Group will also officially confirm the receivement.
  • A candidate who denied the video recording right, lose his / her right to file an appeal.