P.F. (Peter) Frijling

 P.F. (Peter) Frijling
P.F. (Peter) Frijling

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Watersportvereniging Lelystad Brasserie De Houtrib, Houtribhaven, Houtribhoogte, Lelystad, Flevoland, Netherlands, 8242RL, The Netherlands


Name Number Valid till
Persons | full certified Harbourmaster EMCI.HARBOURMASTER.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.P.F. (PETER)-FRIJLING.2008-03-01.9T8M8L N/A
EMCI practitioner of excellence EMCI practitioner of excellence EMCI.EMCI PRACTITIONER OF EXCELLENCE.EMCI PRACTITIONER OF EXCELLENCE.P.F. (PETER)-FRIJLING.2012-01-01.3V9R0C N/A

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