G.J.W. (Gerard) Duursma

 G.J.W. (Gerard) Duursma
G.J.W. (Gerard) Duursma
GERARD J.W. DUURSMA started his career as a marine engineer in the merchant navy. Through his passion for classic ships he became acquainted with many different types of vessels from all over the world. It became a hobby to buy these ships, restore them and then sell them on. Due to all the restoration work, has gained an extensive knowledge of many types of vessels and thus acquired a wide range of skills.

As a qualified skipper (captain / engineer) Gerard Duursma has sailed on luxury ocean sailing yachts and tall sailing ships. Later he was involved in giving pre purchase advice for large ocean yachts.

Thanks to his curious nature and analytical thinking, he has also specialized himself in diagnosing Diesel engines. Due to his experience of repairing and restoring boats, he is able to make a reliable and accurate estimate of repair costs.

Since 1992, Gerard Duursma has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce as a marine engineer / yacht surveyor. He has already more than 10 years experience as a HISWA Qualified Yacht surveyor.

Education: Gerard JW Duursma was educated as engineer and mate at the Marine College. He has sailed as chief engineer and first mate.


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