A.R.H. (Hein) Huender

 A.R.H. (Hein) Huender
A.R.H. (Hein) Huender

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Huender Watersport 80, Weverstraat, Gennep, Limburg, Netherlands, 6591AG, The Netherlands


Name Number Valid till
Persons | associate certified Maritime mediator EMCI.MARITIME MEDIATOR.PERSONS | ASSOCIATE CERTIFIED.A.R.H. (HEIN)-HUENDER.2011-09-01.9V3T9E 2020-01-01
Persons | full certified Yachtbroker EMCI.YACHTBROKER.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.A.R.H. (HEIN)-HUENDER.2009-01-01.5V7E3A N/A
Persons | full certified Master appraiser EMCI.MASTER APPRAISER.PERSONS | FULL CERTIFIED.A.R.H. (HEIN)-HUENDER.2009-01-01.5C2R0H N/A

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