CPD exeptions and exemptions

1. General
1.1. CPD assessment associate certificateholders
  • CPD assessment of associate certificateholders is executed at the end of the associate period or when upgrading to full certified.
2. For harbourmasters
2.1. Exemption CPD
  • Harbourmasters are exempt for the CPD obligations.
3. For shipbrokers
3.1. Exemption CPD
  • Shipbrokers are exempt for the CPD obligations.
4. For yachtbrokers
4.1. Members Dutch Association for Yacht- & Shipbrokers (NBMS)
  • If a NBMS member attends 2 out of 4 annual EMCI/NBMS CPD events all CPD obligations are fullfilled. The costs are included in the annual NBMS membership fee.
  • NBMS members are exempt for the online CPD registration