Rules for the use of logo's & word trade marks

1.1. The terms in these rules shall have the meanings respectively assigned to them as stated in the Global Network Group (GNG) list of terms and definitions.
2.1. These regulations bear the following name: Rules for the use of logo's and work trade marks Global Network Group.
3.1. These regulations are set up to protect the logos and word trade marks registered by GNG with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property, among other things by describing the user rights and basic principles of enforcement and also to protect the none with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property registered logos and word trade marks.
Certificateholders all share the following characteristics:
  • all certificate holders are certified by GNG;
  • all certificate holders possess a certificate of competence and/or a certificate of approval from GNG;
  • all certificate holders are registered with the public GNG inventory.
5.1. GNG lists all logos and trade marks for each existing certificate scheme.
5.2. GNG owns all logos and trade marks that are listed in this article. Ownership of one or more of these logos and trade marks, either separate or collectively, may not be transferred or encumbered.
5.3. The logo consists the logo of the specific GNG register and the international name of the profession, the company group, the service of the product as listed in the certificate scheme.
5.4. The registered logo's and word trade marks for Global Network Group are:
  • ADR certied practioner | ADR registered practioner
  • ADR certified arbitrator | ADR registered arbitrator
  • ADR certified conflictcoach | ADR registered conflictcoach
  • ADR certified mediator | ADR registered mediator
  • ADR certified courtmediator | ADR registered courtmediator
  • ADR certified familymediator | ADR registered familymediator
  • ADR certified negotiator | ADR registered negotiator
  • ADR certified content-negotiator | ADR registered content-negotiator
  • ADR certifed master-negotiator | ADR registered master-negotiator
  • ADR practitioner of excellence
  • ADR honorary practitioner
  • ADR practitioner company
  • ADR arbitration company
  • ADR conflictcoaching company
  • ADR mediation company
  • ADR negotiation company
  • ADR accredited agency
  • ADR accredited basic course
  • ADR accredited CPD activity
  • ADR gecertificeerd register-arbiter | ADR geregistreerd register-arbiter
  • ADR gecertificeerd register-conflictcoach | ADR geregistreerd register-conflictcoach
  • ADR gecertificeerd register-mediator | ADR geregistreerd register-mediator
  • ADR gecertificeerd register-familiemediator | ADR geregistreerd register-familiemediator
  • ADR gecertificeerd register-gerechtsmediator | ADR geregistreerd register-gerechtsmediator
  • ADR gecertificeerd register-rechtbankmediator | ADR geregistreerd register-rechtbankmediator
  • ADR gecertificeerd register-onderhandelaar | ADR geregistreerd register-onderhandelaar
  • EMCI certified maritime practitioner | EMCI registered maritime practitioner
  • EMCI certified maritime appraiser | EMCI registered maritime appraiser
  • EMCI certified maritime broker | EMCI registered maritime broker
  • EMCI certified broker barges & houseboats | EMCI registered broker barges & houseboats
  • EMCI certified harbourmaster | EMCI registered harbourmaster
  • EMCI certified marinesurveyor | EMCI registered marinesurveyor
  • EMCI certified shipbroker | EMCI registered shipbroker
  • EMCI certified yachtbroker | EMCI registered yachtbroker
  • EMCI certified yachtsurveyor | EMCI registered yachtsurveyor
  • EMCI maritime practitioner of excellence
  • EMCI honorary maritime practitioner
  • EMCI certified maritime company | EMCI registered maritime company
  • EMCI certified maritime brokerage | EMCI registered maritime brokerage
  • EMCI certified brokerage barges & houseboats | EMCI registered brokerage barges & houseboats
  • EMCI certified marina | EMCI registered marina
  • EMCI certified marinesurvey company | EMCI registered marinesurvey company
  • EMCI certified shipbrokerage company | EMCI registered shipbrokerage company
  • EMCI certified yachtbrokerage company | EMCI registered yachtbrokerage company
  • EMCI certified yachtharbour company | EMCI registered yachtharbour company
  • EMCI certified yachtsurvey company | EMCI registered yachtsurvey company
  • EMCI accredited agency
  • EMCI accredited basic course
  • EMCI accredited CPD activity
  • EMCI gecertificeerd register-expert-pleziervaartuigen | EMCI geregistreerd register-expert-pleziervaartuigen
  • EMCI gecertificeerd register-havenmeester | EMCI geregistreerd register-havenmeester
  • EMCI gecertificeerd register-jachtmakelaar | EMCI geregistreerd register-jachtmakelaar
  • EMCI gecertificeerd register-makelaar-woonschepen-woonarken | EMCI geregistreerd register-makelaar-woonschepen-woonarken
  • EMCI gecertificeerd register-maritiem-taxateur | EMCI gecertificeerd register-maritiem-taxateur
  • EMCI gecertificeerd register-scheepsmakelaar | EMCI geregistreerd register-scheepsmakelaar
  • ICR certified coach practitioner | ICR registered coach practitioner
  • ICR certified coach | ICR registered coach
  • ICR certified businesscoach | ICR registered businesscoach
  • ICR certified childcoach | ICR registered childcoach
  • ICR certified conflictcoach | ICR registered conflictcoach
  • ICR certified hypnosiscoach | ICR registered hypnosiscoach
  • ICR certifed inherintance coach | ICR registered inheritance coach
  • ICR certified languagecoach | ICR registered languagecoach
  • ICR certified NLP-coach | ICR registered NLP-coach
  • ICR coach of excellence
  • ICR honorary coach
  • ICR coach company | ICR coaching compamy | ICR coach practitioner company
  • ICR accredited agency
  • ICR accredited basic course
  • ICR accredited CPD activity
  • ICR gecertificeerd register-coach | ICR geregistreerd register-coach
  • ICR gecertificeerd register-businesscoach | ICR geregistreerd register-businesscoach
  • ICR gecertificeerd register-kindercoach | ICR geregistreerd register-kindercoach
  • ICR gecertificeerd register-hypnosecoach | ICR geregistreerd register-hypnosecoach
  • ICR gecertificeerd register-nalatenschapscoach | ICR geregistreerd register-nalatenschapscoach
  • ICR gecertificeerd register-taalcoach | ICR geregistreerd register-taalcoach
  • ICR gecertificeerd register-NLP-coach | ICR geregistreerd register-NLP-coach
  • IHR certified hypnosis practioner | IHR registered hypnosis practitioner
  • IHR certified hypnotherapist | IHR registered hypnotherapist
  • IHR certified hypnotist | IHR registered hypnotist
  • IHR certified hypnosiscoach | IHR registered hypnosiscoach
  • IHR hypnosis practitioner of excellence
  • IHR honorary hypnosis practitioner
  • IHR certified hypnosis company | IHR registered hypnosis company
  • IHR certified hypnotherapy company | IHR registered hypnotherapy company
  • IHR accredited agency
  • IHR accredited basic course
  • IHR accredited CPD activity
  • IHR gecertificeerd register-hypnotherapeut | IHR geregistreerd register-hypnotherapeut
  • IHR gecertificeerd register-hypnotiseur | IHR geregistreerd register-hypnotiseur
  • IHR gecertificeerd register-hypnosecoach | IHR geregistreerd register-hypnose-coach
5.5. The words 'associate', 'full' and 'international' can be added to the registered logo's and word trade marks.
6.1. All certificate holders receive a certificate of competence and/or certificate of approval, hereafter named: certificate.
6.2. The certificate will be drawn up and supplied by GNG.
6.3. The certificate will remain the property of GNG and can be withdrawn, declared non-valid or (re)claimed under all conditions.
7.1. Only certificate holders are allowed to use the collective logos and word trade marks.
7.2. The certificate holder is entitled to use the logos and/or word trade names only when the certificate holder has received the rights of use from GNG.
7.3. When the rights of use have not been received (yet) the certificate holder is not allowed to use the logos and/or word trade names unless GNG decides otherwise.
7.4. The certificate holder obtains the rights of use by producing a written statement to GNG in which the certificate holder clearly states that he/she knows and accepts the conditions for use established by GNG.
7.5. When the certificate holder has obtained the rights of use, the certificate holder has to buy the logo and/or word trade name from an organization appointed by GNG. This organization is entitled to charge a fee from the certificate holder. Only when the fee charged by the organization is paid in full by the certificate holder the organization has the duty to provide the logo and/or word trade name.
7.6. The certificate holder may incorporate into or reproduce the collective word trade names on:
  • their own corporate identity;
  • their own stationary;
  • their own website;
  • advertisements;
  • any materials used for promotional activities regarding trade fairs, sales, promotion and sponsoring;
  • any other use after consultation with and obtained permission from GNG.
8.1. The certificate holder is obliged to use the logos and word trade names permanently, unabridged and unconditionally in keeping with the stipulations in these regulations as well as according to other regulations, instructions and conditions that are connected with or follow from the certification of the certificate holder or due to a measure or directive from GNG.
8.2. GNG has the authority to impose conditions on the rights of use as mentioned in the regulations. This authority applies to collective as well as individual conditions.
8.3. GNG has the authority to impose and prescribe further rules to the rights of use as mentioned in the regulations.
8.4. The certificate holder is obliged to use the collective signs in a recognizable and legible way.
8.5. The certificate holder is not allowed to alter a collective sign or make changes to the original text or shape, either entirely or partially.
8.6. The certificate holder, however, is free in his/her choice of colour and size.
8.7. With regards to logo size the certificate holder should observe the following:
  • the original proportions of the collective sign should be preserved;
  • the diameter of the sign should at least measure 1.5 centimetres (0.6 inches).
9.1. If requested, the certificate holder is obliged to inform GNG directly in writing if he/she intends to use any of the collective sings signs.
9.2. GNG is always entitled to ask for information about the certificate holder's use of the collective signs. In order to do so, GNG may use external sources or consult experts.
9.3. Anonymous sources or consultants are not valid. GNG is not obliged to disclose the identity of the external sources or experts to the certificate holder or to third parties.
9.4. GNG is entitled to refuse the right of use with immediate effect or at any other moment in time determined by GNG. GNG is entitled to add further conditions to this refusal, for instance with regard to the termination or period of the refusal. The refusal can be declared temporarily or permanently.
9.5. A refusal should be based on the stipulations in these regulations or on an act or failure to act on the part of the certificate holder contrary to the good name and reputation of the profession or occupational group as understood in or following from the certification of the certificate holder.
9.6. All refusals shall be in writing by registered post or email.
9.7. The right to use will be prohibited if and when the certificate holder's registration ends, the certificate of professional skill expires or will expire and is or will be reclaimed.
9.8. The right to use will be automatically suspended if the certificate holder is suspended or revoked, unless GNG decides otherwise.
10.1. Liability. GNG does not accept any liability whatsoever for actions and/or behaviour resulting from this document. GNG emphatically denies liability of any kind.
10.2. Authority. GNG is authorized to set and alter this code.
10.3. Confidentiality. GNG, its management, its committees as well as individual committee members are obliged to keep their knowledge of certificate holders and/or third parties, information regarding companies, agencies, and any organizations and/or persons about which they have information as a result of their role within GNG strictly confidential. Any breach of confidentiality is grounds for the removal of the person from his/her position and if they are certificate holders grounds for examination of compatibility with the code of conduct and the standing rules regulating complaints and disciplinary action.
10.4. Disputes. Should a dispute occur because this code does not or does not adequately cover a situation, GNG is authorized without prejudice to the provisions of the articles of association to leave no stone unturned to alter the statutes of GNG. If the GNG does not settle the dispute, the dispute will be subject to mediation. If mediation is not successful, the dispute will be brought before a Dutch court.
10.5. Multilingual. In cases where more than one language is in use, English will be the language of choice.
10.6. Law. These rules shall be governed by Dutch law only.